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Employment Web Scam Warning

Ashley Furniture's good name has been used as part of an employment scam.

The scammer sends e-mails, appearing to be from Ashley Furniture Industries, which advertise Accounts Receivable or Work from Home jobs.

The scammer instructs the victims to receive large checks, purportedly from Ashley's customers, and deposit them into their personal bank account. They then typically instruct the victim to wire 90% of the money to an account out of state or out of country, and for the victim to keep 10% for processing fees. The checks that the victims receive, of course, are counterfeit, but this is not discovered by the victims until they have sent their own funds to the scammer and the counterfeit check is rejected by the bank.

If you have received an e-mail that solicits a similar job offer, please send us the original e-mail with headers (Need help collecting e-mail headers?) to us using the input form to the right AND to the relevant Internet service provider (ISP) abuse e-mail address:

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